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About Brentwood Community Print

A Community Interest Company
Every printer will make the claim that they are unique; quality, service, price, speed, people … you have heard it all before. But Brentwood Community Print really is unique and this is why. We are in the printing business to make money – just like every other printer. It’s what we do with your money that makes us different.

Brentwood Community Print exists to help people who are in recovery from mental illness. All the profit from our sales is re-invested into the service to provide a safe and caring working environment to assist people in their recovery. We believe that structured work and training helps people move back into the community and gain self-worth and confidence, all vital components for better mental health. It is easy to feel for someone with their arm in a sling or who has a life-threatening illness. But there is a stigma that comes with a mental illness. There shouldn’t be. It is real and could affect anybody. One person in four will suffer with some form of poor mental health at some time in their lives.

Every last penny you spend here helps us to fill a real need in your community. The support we offer is not available elsewhere. You will be making an ethical decision by choosing Brentwood Community Print for your design and printing. Brentwood Community Print is proud to break down barriers. We are passionate about changing perceptions.  We are a team of highly skilled and talented people who deliver a great service, delivering quality printing services. Why not visit for a cup of coffee and a chat about your next project?

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