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Design & Artwork

Take a pen and a piece of paper. Now draw a horse. How does it look?

Perhaps you have a natural skill as an artist, but most people who try this experiment are embarrassed by the results. They have the equipment, but lack the skills required. The same principle is true of graphic design for print. It seems so easy to put something together on your PC, but it doesn’t quite reflect the image you want to portray.

Brentwood Community Print has an in-house design team who have been preparing professionally designed adverts, leaflets and brochures for many years. Our graphic designers have worked on marketing and sales material for micro-businesses through to blue-chip organisations.

A professionally designed brochure will really pay dividends. We will work with you to understand your message and who you are trying to reach. Our experienced design team then prepare a design concept that is just right for you and your target audience.

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