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Photocopying & Scanning

You have a computer, so you almost certainly have a printer. So why would you need a photocopying service?

Maybe you need twenty copies of a fifty-page report printed in full colour, collated and bound. You only have a hard copy and by the time you have scanned and printed them on your slow inkjet printer, the deadline has whistled by. And the cost of the ink!

Brentwood Community Print has the right tools for the job. Our high resolution scanners, ultra fast printers and qualified staff are on standby ready for just such an emergency. Our colour photocopiers will faithfully reproduce your documents with rich colours and clear, sharp text.

We can also scan your documents and photographs in high resolution for your own use.

Bring us your hard copy, disk or memory stick for a fast, reliable document reproduction service. You will find us at 2 The Keys, Eagle Way, Warley, Brentwood, Essex, CM13 3BP. There’s plenty of parking space.

To find out more or arrange a meeting to discuss your project, call us on 01277 849021 or simply complete this form.