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You may have your favourite example of a misprint. A telecommunications giant once published an advert with the line “How expensive is our service? Very”.  Oh dear. It was meant to read “how extensive”.

A misprint might be just a bit embarrassing, but it could be quite damaging to your reputation. Sometimes you are just too close to your writing, so it’s easy to miss those annoying little spelling and grammatical errors.

Brentwood Community Print offers a proofreading service – an objective, impartial pair of eyes to check your work to make sure it says exactly what you want it to say before you commit to a print run. A few pounds spent before printing can save the cost of a re-print – or the price of your reputation.  Think of it as a low-cost insurance policy.

For the example mentioned above, it was too late. Five thousand companies in their target market believe that a potential supplier is proud to be expensive rather than offering an extensive service.

Send us your document and we will give you a quote for proofreading. It might just be the best investment you make.

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